Ultimate teeth whitening paste

Crest Whitening Emulsions – The Best Whitening Method

Searching for 100% brighter teeth in your routine? Look no further! Crest Whitening Emulsions features highly effective peroxide droplets suspended within an ionic water-resistant composition to whiten teeth quickly and effectively. The best Teeth Whitening Kits to Whiten Teeth Quickly and Easily. With the best whitening strips and gel kits, the best way to a brighter smile is simple and painless. You can be confident that your smile will look like you want it to, without the pain or expense of braces, implants, or other expensive options.

Crest whitening emulsions

Crest whitening emulsions use revolutionary tooth-whitening technology to deliver quick results. Unlike traditional toothpastes and gels, Crest’s products are applied directly to the target area. This allows for the best whitening possible with minimal discomfort. In less than half an hour, you can experience dramatic improved whiteness, which will assist you. In only one treatment, you can enjoy Crest’s best whitening strips and gel kits to whiten your teeth. These products are safe and effective, and you can repeat them as many times as needed for as long as needed to maintain your bright new smile.

There are two types of peroxide droplets used in Crest whitening emulsions, namely: the beta and the xanthamoeba variety.

The beta peroxide is considered the best whitening agent by most dentists due to its stability and effectiveness. The xanthamoeba variety contains oxygen, which is harmful to the teeth if it becomes airborne during application. Crest also uses a specially formulated gel to handle the application of Crest whitening emulsions, much easier on the sensitive enamel of the teeth. Each time you use the product, you will experience minimal irritation, allowing you to continue enjoying your bright smile.

Crest Whitening Emulsions

Once you have safely consumed your Crest teeth whitening strips or gel, follow up with a thorough cleaning session in your dentist’s office. The dental professionals at Crest’s laboratories will use special equipment to spotless your teeth. This includes thorough cleaning and trays filled with a bleaching agent. This is done to ensure that the enamel properly absorb the product, preventing tooth decay. Once this step has been completed, you will receive a prescription for two additional strips that you can use each day.


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